SE 4

Water-proofing materials

INTENDED USE: For insulation of base structures directly under the ceramic layer in a chemically aggressive environment. It is suitable, in particular, for a higher chemical load on industrial floors. It is to be applied with a brush or rubber spatula in layers of 1–2 mm. The base must be solid, dry, and clean, treated with suitable penetration coatings. For installation of ceramics using cementing materials, the filler surface must be backfilled with silica sand, or AD 321 epoxy adhesive must be used. After using silica sand in the ratio of up to 1:5, the SE 4 can be used as a chemically resistant levelling cement for floors.
INTENDED USE 2: As a grout resin for grouting of cracks of up to 0.2 mm.

Usage 1.20 kg/m2 (1 mm)
Packaging 1 kg, 5 kg
Storage life 12 months if stored in a dry place

Protect against frost!
Goods available to order

Foot traffic after 12 hours
Pot life 35 min.
Working load after 3 days

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