Water-proofing materials

Extremely quick-setting water-proofing filler, intended for bridging of walls and floors before the laying of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles. It is suitable for internal and external environments, such as cellar walls, foundations, tanks, and wall and floor surfaces in humid and wet areas. SE mach3 is ideal, in particular, for balconies, terraces, and pools. It is to be applied with a spatula in two layers with a total thickness of 2–2.5 mm according to the application (non-pressurized/pressurized water). The base must be solid and clean. It is intended for express insulation and for impaired climatic conditions.

Usage 1.30 kg/m2 (1 mm)
Packaging 10 kg
Amount on pallet 200 kg
Storage life 12 months if stored in a dry place

Protect against frost!

Gluing after 4 hours, after 3 days in pools
Foot traffic after 4 hours
Pot life 45 min.

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