AD 509 Plus (C1TE)


Modified adhesive for gluing of mosaic and small-format ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles in internal environments It is also suitable for surfaces of thermally stressed bases. Suitable for gluing of tiles on plasterboard materials and bases with water-proof coatings and fillers.

Usage approx. 2.1 kg/m2
Packaging 25 kg
Amount on pallet 1,200 kg
Mixing ratio with water per kg 0.28 - 0.3 l
Mixing ratio with water per package 7 - 7.5 l
Storage life 12 months if stored in a dry place

highly modified, white

Open time 30 min.
Granularity 0-0.4 mm
Slip max 0.3 mm (Wacker 1,200g)

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