AD 510 Plus (C1TE)


Highly effective adhesive intended for gluing of all types of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles in internal environments, including materials with an extremely low absorption capacity (such as Kentaur, Taurus). Suitable for surfaces with thermally stressed bases (floor heating). Fine-grained professional adhesive with a significantly reduced slip and extended open time. Suitable for gluing of wall tiles to plasterboard materials, and installation of ceramics on water-proofing coatings and stoppers.

Usage approx. 4.2 kg/m2
Packaging 5 kg
Amount on pallet 1,200 kg
Mixing ratio with water per kg 0.25 - 0.27 l
Mixing ratio with water per package 1.25 - 1.35 l
Storage life 12 months if stored in a dry place

for interior, fine grained

Open time 30 min.
Granularity 0-0.4 mm
Slip max. 0.3 mm (Wacker 1,200g)

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