GE EASY 100 bílá (white)

Jointing materials

For water tight jointing of wall tiles and floor tiles in chemically aggressive environments, with joint widths of 3–15 mm. It is suitable, in particular, for pools, balconies, terraces, operational halls in chemical and food industries, laboratories, and similar areas. It is resistant to chemicals (including acids), aggressive water, fuels, oils, and similar liquids. It is not suitable for dilatation joints. Excellent washing characteristics! Approved for direct contact with food and drinking water.

Usage 1.0 - 1.8 kg/m2
Packaging 5 kg
Amount on pallet 300 kg
Storage life 12 months if stored in a dry place

Protect from frost!

Foot traffic after 24 hours
Pot life 45 min.
Working load after 7 days

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