LE 30

Leveling Materials

Self-levelling screed for manual and mechanical treatments. This material is used for levelling floors before the laying of ceramic floor tiles and other floor covering materials. It is to be applied on solid, dry, and clean bases, treated with suitable penetration coatings. It is to be applied in layers of 3–15 mm in one working step. If the filler is used as a the final floor surface, it should be applied in a minimum layer of 6 mm.

Usage 1.7 kg / m2 (1 mm)
Packaging 25 kg
Amount on pallet 1,200 kg
Mixing ratio with water per kg 0,2-0,22 l
Mixing ratio with water per package 5-5,5 l
Storage life 6 months if stored in a dry place
Compression strength min. 30 Mpa
Foot traffic after 4-6 hours
Granularity 0-0,7 mm
Pot life 20 min.

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