RAKO Object color system

EN The 24-hour colour system has been developed in close co-operation with many professionals and studios from the design and architectural environment. The system supports infinite options for combinations, while respecting the nature and requirements of contemporary and historical architecture, still in the 24 colour system. Two dials, scales of night and day colours, are designed to complement each other. Due to their neutrality, „night“ colours have a more dominant presence in the combination system, thus creating the harmonious base for colour accents from the selected „day“ scale. The intensity of the „day“ colours is, in terms of ceramic manufacturing technology, at the highest achievable colour richness of glazes, both for wall and floor tiling. The colour system runs through the entire RAKO OBJECT product portfolio, starting with ColorONE and ColorTWO series, continuing through the POOL series, and ending with the complete offer of Taurus series (COLOR, GRANIT, PORFYR, INDUSTRIAL, and DOUBLE). Of course, the offer of RAKO OBJECT brand in its product mix links up well and complements the RAKO HOME products, thus creating a complete solution with one of the broadest portfolios of ceramic tiles. Such a comprehensive range of tiles is both the advantage and guarantee to providing the perfect tool of creativity without any limits.