CL 802

Cleaning Agents

A concentrated, non-foaming agent for ceramic and granite surfaces. It is suitable for post-building cleanup, where it achieves perfect results after the first application. It works well on cement residues, painted rock, cement stains, magnesium and mineral residues – rust and scale or urinary scale. Do not use on surfaces not resistant to acids (marble, travertine etc.). Dilute 100–200 ml in 10 litres of water depending on the level of grime.

Instructions for use (pdf, 749 kB)

Spreading capacity 300 - 150 m2 / pack
Packaging 0.75 l
Amount on pallet 576 ks
Dilution 100-200ml / 10l
Storage life 36 months

Protect from frost!

Ph value 1.2 až 1.9

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