GF DRY 100 bílá (white)

Jointing materials

Flexible, water resistant jointing mortar, intended for jointing of ceramic wall tiles, floor tiles, and mosaic with a joint width of 2–20 mm. Hydrophobic additives ensure water-resistance, thus eliminating clogging and significantly improving hygiene of ceramic surfaces! It is suitable for wall tiles and floor tiles mainly in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas which have sanitary demands. In addition, it can be applied on balconies, heated floors, restaurants, stores, and similar areas. It is especially used for jointing SDI panels when laying noise-dampening floor tiles. It is not suitable for dilatation joints and surfaces where chemical resistance is required.

Usage 0.3 - 0.8 kg/m2
Packaging 2 kg
Amount on pallet 960 kg
Mixing ratio with water per kg 0.22 - 0.26 l
Mixing ratio with water per package 0.44 - 0.52 l / 2 kg 1.1 - 1.3 l / 5 kg 4.4 - 5.2 l / 20 kg
Storage life 12 months if stored in a dry place


Foot traffic after 24 hours
Granularity 0-0.3 mm
Pot life 2 hours
Working load after 7 days

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