Natural stone


When laying natural stone slabs, caution must be exercised when selecting the material to be installed. The choice depends on the structure of the stone, as the structure is the quality that determines whether the material will be responsive or unresponsive to coloration. 

Type of structure

  • PE 201, PE 202 primer
  • AD 530 or AD 550 adhesive
  • GF DRY or GFS flexible jointing material
  • SI silicone sealant+ PES polyethylene separator

Work procedure – detailed description

Preparation: The base must be rigid, cured, free of any impurities and uneven spots. In the event of any problems in these areas, use LE 21 for full-area levelling of walls and floors. For quick localized repairs, use MO 35 QUICK.

Priming absorbent bases: All absorbent bases must be primed with PE 201. For extremely absorbent materials, use PE 202 at the required diluted ratio (approx. 1:3-5). Approx. 0.15-0.25 l/m2 of the product is needed.

Stone lining installation: Modified flexible adhesive sealants must be used while installing stone slabs, to be chosen in accordance with the responsiveness of the stone to the colour of the base. For unresponsive materials (granite), we use C2TE S1 grade AD 530 cement adhesive; for responsive material (marble, lime, quartz) we use white C2TE S1 grade AD 550 adhesive. We recommend applying the buttering-floating method in order to ensure no cavities develop at the stone/base interface. Between 4 to 5.5 kg/m2 of sealant is needed.

Stone surface jointing: Once the adhesive has fully cured, CG2 WA grade GD DRY cement adhesive, supplied in the full colour spectrum of 24 colours, is used for full-area jointing of the surface. We recommend that the colour of the jointing material match that of the stone. When used on heavily loaded bases, we recommend using the quick drying CG2WA S1 grade GFS product, which has increased transversal deformation properties. Approx. 0.4-0.8 kg/m2 is needed.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Cleaning depends on the type of stone. For regular maintenance, use the CL 803 cleaning agent.

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