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LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o. Quality Policy

LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o., a limited liability company, is a manufacturer and vendor of ceramic tiling elements with more than 130 years of tradition. The company has a dominant position among Central European manufacturers. This can be attributed mainly to its many years of history, supported by introduction of innovative technologies, use of the latest findings from the field and a comprehensive offer of tiles and construction chemicals. Thanks to these benefits, LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o., is among the most recognised and significant European exporters of ceramic tile materials. The attractiveness of the offer is supported by regular updating of the collection, which offers new series ranging from classic to modern designs. The aim of the product brands RAKO HOME and RAKO OBJECT is to appeal to a complete range of customers in the lower, middle as well as luxury price segments throughout Europe. The company continues to have the ambition to be at the top of its field, to maintain customer loyalty and its reputation as a highly professional company on the construction market in this country and worldwide.

In order to improve the quality of support for our customers, last year we introduced construction chemicals onto the market, ranging from primers to cement and cleaning products of the RAKO SYSTEM series. Through this step, we are giving our customers the opportunity to purchase all of the materials necessary for application of ceramic tiling from a single manufacturer.

LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o., intends to remain a modern and effective company with a firm position on both the domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, it applies and continues to improve its quality management system and its effectiveness throughout the company. We expect thorough application of the principles of quality management to bring success in various forms (increased effectiveness of management, better performance of employees, increased efficiency of company processes, achievement of lower production costs, achievement of greater customer satisfaction, compliance with valid legislation, EU directives and regulations applied to the product, maintenance and strengthening of the company's position on the market, improvement of employees' satisfaction and fulfilment of the company's own requirements and last, but not least, fulfilment of the owner's expectations).


The basic principle of the Quality Policy is fulfilment of requirements and satisfaction of our customers, with a focus on product properties, their technical, aesthetic and use value, reliability and readiness of deliveries and quick resolution of feedback, complaints and claims presented by our customers. Another principle is maintenance of open communication and long-term cooperation with all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, external auditors, society, etc.). Of course, synergic cooperation with our authorised business partners also contributes to our successful results. We strive to create optimal conditions for them as part of our support services, consultation and logistics, and we appreciate their role in building the image of the brand and gaining a market share.

We ensure growth in labour productivity by reducing production costs, using new technologies, improving production yield and improving our employees' professional skills and qualifications.

We create optimal conditions for our customers, which enable them to increase their knowledge and professional competencies, and we constantly improve working and social conditions, including by focusing on occupational safety and health protection, and we support the development of motivating approaches and monitor and evaluate exemplary task fulfilment. The company strives to create a safe work environment that is not hazardous to health through appropriate organisation of work tasks and their regular inspection. Our activities related to development and training of employees correspond with projects of the European Social Fund, which we successfully implemented between 2011 and 2013. We understand good motivation of our employees as a priority for achieving perfect quality and high effectiveness of company processes.

We expect our employees to have an active approach to handling new tasks and to make suggestions for improvement of all processes with an effect on the final quality of products. We also expect support in thorough, qualified and responsible fulfilment of their work obligations while following work procedures and work safety rules, so that they can always carry out their activities properly and responsibly.

The company's management has assumed full responsibility for understanding and implementing the quality policy at all levels, and commitments to realising it and adhering to it.


Ing. Roman Blažíček
General Manager of LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o.

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