LASSELSBERGER s.r.o. is the largest manufacturer of ceramic floor and wall tiles in the Czech Republic and one of the leading European manufacturers of tiles. LASSELSBERGER s.r.o. maintains and develops the tradition of the Czech brand RAKO, which celebrated 130 years of existence last year. RAKO HOME offers a comprehensive range of home tiles, while RAKO OBJECT offers complete solutions for commercial and heavy-duty non-commercial facilities.

RAKO offers complete sets of wall and floor tiles as well as a wide range of decorative accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and floors for home interiors. Regarding lifestyle, it is focused on end users who appreciate the design and utility value of the materials being offered. Production of RAKO ceramics began in Rakovník in 1883. The production range was gradually extended from refractory bricks and fair-faced floor tiles to glazed tiles, decorative floor tiles, porous tiles, mosaic tiles, stove tiles, and special relief tiles used for the sides of buildings and  facades.

For system solution of buildings, LASSELSBERGER produces ceramic tiles under the brand RAKO OBJECT.
This brand includes matching systems of floor and wall tiles which are especially intended for designing and investment purposes. For this brand of products, emphasis is put on variability, functionality, excellent properties and high utility value.

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